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When we started the LED screen business, there was no one else in the industry. Therefore, our name in the sector is like elp Selpak.. We were the first brand to come to mind of screen seekers. The biggest factor in this is to be the pioneer of the sector, to offer the highest quality products to the market and to meet your service needs as soon as possible.

The idea that “the customer is always right” is our first principle.

Every product we use is at the highest level according to quality standards. Standing, in accordance with the city furniture in the frame, aesthetically, visually, we have made the production to make a difference. Turkey pleasing to the eye in general, which are different, each totems, we've got signatures on each screen.

We have realized jobs and projects that our competitors cannot imagine.

We won the Led Best Led Company In Turkey Ledpano ”crystal ball award given by MEA International Marketing Company. The first prize awards at Turkey's LED display industry. Now our eyes are on Europe.

Thanks to you, we develop every day. We use the most advanced technology.

The first convex screen in Turkey have made in Tekirdağ Saray. The name of this screen is AY SPACE SERIES ”

Space Serial screens do not use fan, air conditioning. Data, no connection problems. No cable oxidation, no water problems. In other words, we made the screen with a technology that finishes the classical problems experienced in all the led screens produced in the world. Moreover, this screen is 50 percent energy efficient compared to the classic screen.

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